Mutadawil FXD specializes of providing online trading technology and brokerage services over the raising demand on Spot Foreign Exchange (Forex) and other financial derivatives.

Mutadawil Equities


Access to a Full Asset Classes of derivatives and FX under one Account
With FXD Account you will have an access to

  • +160 FX Crosses through Direct Market Access (DMA) to the world top Banking liquidity providers, and you can trade these crosses in Spot, Forward or Option transactions.
  • A full Access to CFD trading venue through Direct Market Access (DMA) of the world’s top electronic OTC floors which enables you to trade over 20,000 CFD contracts that are based on 35 Stock exchanges, and major commodity exchanges.
  • Leverages that serves your needs Have a trading leverage that reaches to 1- 50 Capacity through Margin Trading that is provided by Each contract Issuer
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Low Spreads, and Zero to minimal commissions
Trade FX on competitive spreads and Zero Commission on standard trades, you will also trade on futures with lowest fees in the market.

Leverages that serves your needs
Have a trading leverage of up to 200 times of any of the asset classes for the first 100,000 EUR of your Margin Capacity.

State of the Art Trading Platforms
Trade anytime anywhere with a free access to our FXD Top Professional Platforms through desktop, Laptop, IPad, IPhone and Android. Red More

Real-Time Price feed over FX and OTC Products
Access to real time market data and prices on FX crosses and an extra access to Exchange’s 15-min delayed prices for Free without a charge.

Live News Feeds
Make your best trading decisions by being on top of Market Updates through our live news channel and Financial Calendar Tool, all connected to your FXD account.

Advanced portfolio analysis and charting Tool
Are you a Technical analysis enthusiast? With FXD account you will have a free professional charting tool with the ability to use all available Indicators. Just build your own chart and act upon it.

Risk free training environment
If you are new to FX & derivatives, you can open a Demo Account which will be active for 20 days in order to trade real time prices without risking your funds.
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Dedicated Call Center
Our Trading-Desk operates from 8am – 12pm covering major markets trading sessions, If you are away from your account connection just Dial our Hotline number +(965) 1886000.


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